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Trip review: independent pre-vet volunteering with Animals Fiji

The previous clinic/shelter location of Animals Fiji in Nadi   If you were to ask me for a suggestion on where to volunteer internationally, Animals Fiji would be a top pick. While it is a long flight from the US, the welcoming atmosphere, great staff, hands-on tasks suited to any skill level, and excellent work being done makes AnimalsRead More »

Trip review: independent pre-vet volunteering with Ayuda in Guatemala

Photo of a street dog in Panajachel, courtesy of Ayuda Guatemala.   I left my problematic and frustrating VIDA Volunteer trip two days early to volunteer with an amazing local organization I found called Ayuda. It was an excellent decision on my part, and I describe the transition between the two as “like finally being allowedRead More »

Trip review: VIDA pre-vet volunteering program in Guatemala

A patient recovers from surgery anesthesia on a heating pad in a school room in Guatemala   This is a long post. To give you a “too long; didn’t read” summary: VIDA was my most frustrating, most ethically problematic, and most expensive international volunteer experience. I do not recommend the program. VIDA is, first and foremost, a tourism company that sells an emotionally fulfilling experienceRead More »

Trip review: independent pre-vet volunteering with the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals

 One of the rooms at the ESMA cat shelter in the suburbs of Cairo, Egypt Official pitch “The Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA) is a registered Egyptian NGO (No. 3059/2007) formed in late 2007. ESMA actively works to improve animal welfare in Egypt for all animals, including street dogs and cats, working animalsRead More »

Trip review: Humanity World pre-vet volunteering in Ghana, West Africa

Dr. Lewis Adjei (in green) with his assistant Jeff (in red), examining a client’s dog Official pitch “We organize and undertake humanitarian, volunteer, internship and capacity building projects, educational and cultural exchange trips tailored to the interests of volunteers, interns, groups, donors and partners worldwide to alleviate the challenges of Africa.” (The phrasing of that last bit makes me think ofRead More »