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Trip review: independent vet student volunteering with SOS Kuching and the Sarawak SPCA in Malaysia

The Save Our Strays Kuching team securing a street dog as we request pickup service from a veterinary clinic.   Last summer, I visited Borneo, which had been high on my travel wish list. I couldn’t fly all that way without also seeing what sort of work was being done to help cats and dogs in the region. I spent twoRead More »

Interview with Casey Quimby, co-founder of Animals Fiji

Animals Fiji was a wonderful brief volunteering experience.  I visited for 3 days at the beginning of a vacation, and I wish I’d been able to spend more time with the group.  (Read my trip review here.)  Animals Fiji is definitely a top recommendation for a place to volunteer.  American expat and co-fouder Casey Quimby was kind enough toRead More »

Interview with Selaine d’Ambrosi, founder of Ayuda Guatemala

Ayuda was one of my best volunteering experiences, even though it was just for two days. Founder Selaine d’Ambrosi was clearly a force to be reckoned with, and she was kind enough to do an interview for my blog. I hope this will be a useful post for students who are curious about small-scale internationalRead More »

Trip review: independent pre-vet volunteering with Animals Fiji

The previous clinic/shelter location of Animals Fiji in Nadi   If you were to ask me for a suggestion on where to volunteer internationally, Animals Fiji would be a top pick. While it is a long flight from the US, the welcoming atmosphere, great staff, hands-on tasks suited to any skill level, and excellent work being done makes AnimalsRead More »

Trip review: independent pre-vet volunteering with Ayuda in Guatemala

Photo of a street dog in Panajachel, courtesy of Ayuda Guatemala.   I left my problematic and frustrating VIDA Volunteer trip two days early to volunteer with an amazing local organization I found called Ayuda. It was an excellent decision on my part, and I describe the transition between the two as “like finally being allowedRead More »